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Build Your Empire

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to own & build wealth through Real Estate Investment

Source Properties

We source, vet and verify investment properties with various government agencies before listing on OwnMali.


Browse pre-vetted investment opportunites and choose the properties that you are interested in.


Buy the number of pieces you love, starting from only Kshs 200. Pay through Mpesa or Credit Card.

Earn Income

Earn monthly dividends from rental income. Get regular updates about what is going on with your properties and watch your money grow.


Exit your investment anytime by either listing your shares in the secondary market or calling in a vote for selling the property.

..... We divide each property into Digital ‘pieces’ so anyone can own Real Estate .....

Frequently Asked Questions

Fractional ownership in real estate describes an investment process wherein a number of investors join together to invest in a real estate asset so that all of them can benefit from a share of the income that the asset generates and any appreciation in the value of the property.

OwnMali is a security tokenized fractional ownership real estate investing platform that makes it easy to start owning property and diversifying your investment portfolio—just like investing in a stocks or mutual funds. With as little as Kshs 200, first-time investors can begin building their real estate investment portfolio by leveraging the power of blockchain technology which helps select and secure high-growth residential, commercial, and on-going development assets from the OwnMali platform.

Enjoy industry-leading flexibility with shorter time horizons, a great mix of high-growth assets, and stress-free exit capabilities. 

OwnMali does not hold any asset listed on our platform unless specifically highlighted. OwnMali facilitates discovery of investment opportunities and provides you with online accessibility & experience that enable you to invest, manage and exit from your investment in a trusted and transparent environment with designated LLP that was formed when a property listed, Once you invested, you become a shareholder in that LLP by owning a portion of shares. 

Normally annualised returns could vary from 14-20% based on the opportunity. While these returns are not guaranteed, they are more or less predictable. Every opportunity comes with its unique risk return profile and investors are advised to evaluate each one of the them based on their own investment goals and risk-appetite.

Yes. The SPV deducts a 10% TDS before remitting returns to Resident Indians and 20.8% for NRI Investors monthly. Resident Indians can submit Form 15G/15H and NRI’s* can submit TRC for reduced TDS.

*NRIs can explore benefits under Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (“DTAA”) entered with the respective country, subject to availability of Tax residency Certificate (“TRC”).

For each asset listed on the REALLYY Platform, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is created in which funds are raised to purchase, own and manage the property. Your investment shall be towards subscription of the shares and compulsorily convertible debentures of the SPV that holds the property and represents your fractional investment.

REALLYY will provide asset management services to the SPV and undertake accounting, secretarial, reporting, leasing, maintenance and other operational aspects under the asset management services contract with the SPV.

We at REALLYY believe that all real estate benefits from tokenization for the following reasons:

1. Creates the opportunity for a marketplace to buy, sell, or trade tokens of real estate.

2. Reduces/Eliminates intermediaries.

3. Increases liquidity of traditionally illiquid assets.

4. Increases access to fractional ownership.

5. Decentralization creates trust and security.

6. Allows real estate transactions to truly become peer-to-peer.

7. Allows investors to diversify their risk.