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Own Real Estate With as little as
Ksh 200

The modern way of real estate Investments is here
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You deserve to own something real

Join us as we reimagine real estate market with the power of tokenization!! Build your future with us and invest in a brighter tomorrow. Start investing in properties today!!

Build your empire
Buy One token at a time

Invest in rental properties at comfort of your home or office. Start with as little as KES 200 and start earning rental income.

How it works

Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to own & build wealth through Real Estate Investments

Source Properties

We source, vet and verify investment properties with various government agencies before listing on OwnMali.


Browse pre-vetted investment opportunites and choose the properties that you are interested in.


Buy the number of pieces you love, starting from only Kshs 200. Pay through Mpesa or Credit Card.

Earn Income

Earn monthly dividends from rental income. Get regular updates about what is going on with your properties and watch your money grow.


Exit your investment anytime by either listing your shares in the secondary market or calling in a vote for selling the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

OwnMali is a real estate investing marketplace platform that enables people to start owning properties and diversifying their investment portfolio with as little as Kshs 200.

OwnMali make people grow their wealth by collectively investing in Income-Generating properties

You can start to reap all the benefits of direct real estate investment by owning part of a property and reduce your risk by allocating your money across a number of properties listed on our marketplace.

OwnMali makes real estate investing easy, transparent, hassle-free and less risky for people.

Anyone above the age of 18 is allowed to buy real estate on OwnMali provided they pass our KYC and other compliance checks as per regulatory requirements.

As an investor/buyer, you own the property!

You are the ultimate owner and beneficiary of the property proportionate to your investment amount.

For example, if you invest Kshs 5000 in a Kshs 2,000,000 property, you own 0.25% of that property. The remaining 99.75% is held by other property investors like you! Collectively, you all earn monthly rent income through the property.

Through this method, not only can you invest in an affordable manner, but you can also reduce your risk because you can spread your money across many properties as opposed to one.

The Title Deed of each property is held in trust by Capital Market Approved Custodian on behalf of SPV.  

OwnMali has an experienced team that performs thorough technical and legal due diligence before listing any property on our platform. We engage reputable law firms to conduct due diligence on the property title.

An SPV is created to securitize a property in a separate company.  The SPV ring fence a specific property and isolate the risk of OwnMali and other properties.


The SPV protect investors from OwnMali (InB) liabilities as well as protection from InB’s bankruptcy.

Each property is a assigned a property manager who is accredited to manage real estates.

The SPV enters into a property management agreement via OwnMali.