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OwnMali is a real estate investing marketplace platform that enables people to start owning properties and diversifying their investment portfolio with as little as Kshs 200.

OwnMali make people grow their wealth by collectively investing in Income-Generating properties

You can start to reap all the benefits of direct real estate investment by owning part of a property and reduce your risk by allocating your money across a number of properties listed on our marketplace.

OwnMali makes real estate investing easy, transparent, hassle-free and less risky for people.

Anyone above the age of 18 is allowed to buy real estate on OwnMali provided they pass our KYC and other compliance checks as per regulatory requirements.

As an investor/buyer, you own the property!

You are the ultimate owner and beneficiary of the property proportionate to your investment amount.

For example, if you invest Kshs 5000 in a Kshs 2,000,000 property, you own 0.25% of that property. The remaining 99.75% is held by other property investors like you! Collectively, you all earn monthly rent income through the property.

Through this method, not only can you invest in an affordable manner, but you can also reduce your risk because you can spread your money across many properties as opposed to one.

The SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) corresponding to the property investment. 

Since it is not possible to list out many names on a single title deed, the name issued on the title deed (ownership document) is that of the SPV corresponding to your property.  You own direct shares in the SPV, which in turn is only responsible for holding the asset that is your investment property and paying out rental income to you.

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is means “a separate new entity” – it’s like setting up a new business to take care of a specific task or transaction.

The SPV acts as a separate company for investors to become shareholders in it. Each SPV is broken into shares whereby OwnMali Smart Contracts allocates your shares proportionate to your investment. For example, if a property is Kshs 10,000,000 (10 million), each share of that property is Kshs 200 and the SPV will have 50,0000 Shares.  Therefore, if an investor invests Kshs 5,000, he/she will own 25 shares or 0.05% of the property.

The Title Deed of each property is held in trust by Capital Market Approved Custodian on behalf of SPV.  

OwnMali has an experienced team that performs thorough technical and legal due diligence before listing any property on our platform. We engage reputable law firms to conduct due diligence on the property title.

An SPV is created to securitize a property in a separate company.  The SPV ring fence a specific property and isolate the risk of OwnMali and other properties.


The SPV protect investors from OwnMali (InB) liabilities as well as protection from InB’s bankruptcy.

Each property is a assigned a property manager who is accredited to manage real estates.

The SPV enters into a property management agreement via OwnMali. 

You can make money in two ways—the sale of the property you’ve invested in and its monthly rental income.

Recurring Rental income is when tenants of the property you’ve invested in pay their rent to OwnMali and we distribute it to investors.


Potential Capital Gains: Capital gains occur when a property rises in value over time. At the end of the Investment Term, your property will be sold and your share of the sale proceeds (after deduction of all relevant transaction costs) will be distributed to you in accordance with your ownership.

The capital gain of a property is the growth in the market value of the property over a period of time.

For example, if a  property was acquired at a price of Kshs 10,000,000 (10 million) with transaction costs of 1,000,000 (1 million). The total investment amount is 11,000,000 (11 million).

If the property is sold after 5 years at a price of Kshs 16,000,000 (net of selling costs), the capital appreciation is Kshs 5,000,000, or 45.5% (i.e Kshs 5,000,000 / Kshs 11,000,000).

Real Estate is a tangible and stable asset class that has been a leading performer of returns throughout history. It is a favourite investment for the rich and institutional investors for because:

  1. Real Estate grows in value over long periods of time and price rely fluctuate.
  2. Real Estate is a hedge against inflation and a good long-term store of value.
  3. Real Estate generates predictable income from rent.
  4. When it’s a part of diversified portfolio of different asset classes, Real Estate enhances the quality of the risk-return profile of the portfolio.

Investing in Real estate through OwnMali platform allows you to grow your wealth just like the rich people do. Luckily, through OwnMali you have an opportunity diversify your investments across various properties with small amounts of money.

Think of it this way: you could possibly lose all your money if invested in a single property. This means investing small amounts in multiple properties is definitely less risky than traditional real estate investing methods.

You also have a control of how the property is run through voting/decision making. Its also hassle-free we appoint accredited property managers to manage the property.

The minimum amount you can invest varies depending on the property. The lowest amount you can invest is Kshs 200.

Investment to a single property is opening to a maximum of 25% of the total cost. Eg if a property is worth 10,000,000 the maximum you can invest is Kshs 2,500,000.


However, the availability of investments in a given opportunity is limited to the total available opportunity for example if you are looking to invest in a property with a total investment cost of Kshs 10,000,000 at the time when it is 85% sold, you can only invest a maximum of Kes 1,500,000 in this opportunity, which is the remaining 15% shares which is available for investment at that time.

It’s absolutely FREE to join OwnMali. There’s no commitment to invest once you create an account.

Just Download OwnMali App on Playstore or Appstore, sign up and start browsing the properties on our platform.

All our properties will be divided into shares worth Kshs 200.  For example, for a property/investment worth 10,000,000 we will have 50,000 shares for that particular property.  So, if you invest Kshs 20,000, it means you will have 100 shares in that property i.e 0.2% of the asset.

Each property on OwnMali platform will have their third-party valuation report done by accredited real estate valuer annually or bi-annual. The report will be uploaded against each property for your review. You can at all times view the estimated market value of your shares on the app, which is based on the latest valuation reports of your property.  You can also view report for all the properties you have invested in.

Yes, you can invest in more than one property across locations, asset types, and investment tenures. We encourage you to diversify your portfolio.

OwnMali platform only list FINISHED high ROI residential/apartments, commercial, warehouses, and hotels. We don’t list property construction.

Property visits can be arranged. Kindly get in touch with your dedicated property relationship Manager or write to

Real estate tokenization is the process of fractionalizing real property into tokens stored on a decentralized database. This decentralized database stores information like a digital ledger and is commonly referred to as blockchain.

Properties are so expensive that many people cannot afford to invest or buy. So those who cannot afford real estate are missing out on the benefits of this asset class such as i) it generates passive income in terms of rent ii) it appreciates in value of time iii) it can be used as collateral to access loans.

How can more people afford real estate then? Just Tokenize it. Take an expensive property, break it into pieces and sell the parts. So, one person can own the window and the other can own the roof. That’s it.

But instead of breaking up the physical house, you do this digitally. Split the value of the property into small units. A property values at Kshs 8 million can be split into 20,000 units each valued at Kshs 400 and now you can buy a piece.

Each unit (called a token) I encrypted with information such as property value, ownership details, size etc. All this data is stored in a distributed ledger database to prevent fraudsters from changing this information. This database is called Blockchain.  Storing the data on blockchains makes buying and selling of your tokens easy too. You can also use tokens are collateral.

Real estate tokens can also be differentiated from real estate investment trusts (REITs) since they allow for a specific investment linked to a particular real property, whereas REITs typically facilitate investment into pools of various real estate assets.

In Initial Property Offering, an investment property is freshly offered for sale through OwnMali. This involves creation of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in which investors purchase fractional ownership of the property. Security tokens enables a person to acquire ownership rights in secure digital assets and represent shares in valuable assets like real estate.

In a secondary investment offering, investors are purchase fractional ownership from existing investors of the asset who intend to make an exit.

OwnMali platform plays the role of a facilitator in a secondary offering through "Secondary marketplace (Coming soon).

Investors who have held their shares for 90 days or more from the date of purchase or property closing date (whichever is later) can list their shares for sale on the marketplace (coming Soon).

You, as a seller, will decide your selling price/share based on your expected returns, holding period and market growth. However, the selling price CANNOT be below the current property market value and mark-up cannot be above a certain threshold.